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A Mother's Work Is Never Done.

Some mothers say
They work so hard and don’t get any pay
I think of this and think back when
My children was small and things was hard to mend
But through the years
Through there joy and sadness of tears
I got some pay I really did
When A smile was on the face of one of my kids
When one made me a gift a candle out of a paper towel roll
Or a gift of one of there little dolls or little trolls
When one reached for my hand to try to walk
When one said mommy as they started to talk.

When one would say I ove you
And gave me a kiss or two
When one drew a picture just for me
Said it’s me and you look see
I got some pay when one of them got saved and put God in there life
When one took a husband or wife.
I got some pay
In many ways
And meant more then any money to me
And now my children are older but still precious as can be
A mothers work is never done
Remember we get some pay in more ways then one
They are grown up and I still treasure there love
As they are a gift from God above.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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