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I have been hurt and have some pain
Things just not are the same
Did I do something wrong
I’m trying to be strong
Did I say something to hurt you
I sure didn’t mean to
I’m sorry is all I can say
As you are still in my heart your there to stay
I learned how to read between the lines
I learn how to read the print that is so fine
I can add pieces here and there
I’m sorry but yes I still care
Something I don’t understand
But to you I’ll always reach out my hand
I’m sorry please forgive me
For what ever it might be
What ever I did what ever I said
As sad pictures now dance in my head
I feel so sad so hurt so much hidden pain
You know who you are I won't say your name
In my ink I dip my pen
Tears slip out like falling rain.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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