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Burgers and Fly's


It was burgers and fly’s

And sweet apple pie’s

When the cow jumped

Over my spoon

My swatter was broken

The fly’s had no token

For my BBQ held about noon

We were swattin’ with our hands

With music from the bands

While trying to take a quick bite

The burgers were flippin’

The sauce was a drippin’

Hamurgers with flies aint right

We were laughing and grinning

The flies were uh winning

How hungry can a little fly be?

We fed the whole legion

From all over the region

Even some from ol’ Kentucky

If you ever have the notion

After drinking my potion

To fire up the BBQ pit

If the fly’s are uh buzzin’

They will call all their cousins

Methinks you better just quit

It was BBQ and fly’s

And sweet apple pies

When my cow jumped over my spoon

Grandpa says…
Next time we BBQ
We will move farther away from the barn

For Jeri,Ms Froggie and all of the crazies at the Starlite...


Smiley Moon

By Bubby

© 2010 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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