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Ivan-a repost for inspiration
In Ivan’s last days he did understand the real meaning of life.

It hit him through the agonizing screams of pain,

like a quiet peaceful spring that was named by him as light. That beautiful light

enveloped Ivan and welcomed him,

bringing his inner torment to tranquility while his physical torment marched on.

That iridescent light releasing truth and harmony with unending spiritual joy he never


“he got it,”

His whole transformation was at that very moment in time
“he found it,”

and was overjoyed!

His heart became three times larger as “the Grinch,” and “Scrooge” did, and he began

to feel pity for his family that they might never know what he was experiencing.

His very soul was being torn apart in that deep light that contained him and brought

truth that the very pity he needed and wanted from his loved one’s all along was what

he ended up feeling for them.

Then……Ivan passed so gently and so quietly, much quieter than the last few days

of screaming he endured from the pain.

Ivan died, with peace and great joy in his heart ready to meet “the light.”

By nature36

© 2010 nature36 (All rights reserved)


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