Golden Reflection...

Cheesemaker's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Golden Reflection...

For just a little while
let us calm our thoughts
50 years our love endured
so let us be simply be

There is much in our life
and there is much more to come
yet we have always been
and you my precious wife
always is always will be
more than enough

For this wondrous moment
let go of the way we perceive
the things we've done
let us feel the truth
the power of who we are

In gilded reflection
there is much we can learn
beyond our thoughts there is
much more we can understand

Touch our invincibility my love
feel the man and woman who always lived
inside the persons we are
immersed in the beauty
and wonder of our existence

Feel the strength of our passion
burning eternally and is always there
let us share the warmth of our affections
gave us comfort on those cold nights
and know that whatever may come
we are and will be at each others side

On our 50th wedding anniversary my love
let us pledge again our vows, our promise
in the eyes of God and man
through good health and sickness
through good times as well as bad
'til death do us part...

♥¸¸.•* Collaboration byMikri and Crossedrifles *•.¸¸♥

By Mikri

© 2017 Mikri (All rights reserved)


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