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Prayers For Movement Disorders.
Movements disorders are very painful as can be
Extra prayers for them there will be
It is a debilitating neurological conditions to
A very hard life to live through
Having a movement disorder can make it difficult
And no one is at fault
It is a disorder you see
Many prayers for this please let there be
They can’t do things that most people can
Please in prayer fold your hands
Stand sit or get on your knees today
Doesn’t matter how we pray
The Lord knows what is in our hearts so please pray with me
The Lord can hear our prayers from everyone even across the sea
Dear Lord I turn to you in prayer
Asking for others to join in with me from every where
Please help the one's going through this disorder I pray
Prayers for help and understanding to come there way
Prayers for there families to
Dear Lord we light a candle and pray to you.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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