Lonely Union

We were joined in wedded bliss
Our love seemed so real and true
After excitement subsided to null
I ignored what I really did feel

We had entered a sacred union
Betrothed to be companions for life
Why was it then that I felt so alone?
You were mine to have and to hold

Sadness prevailed upon my heart
Voice of loneliness echoed in my mind
Only true love could silence that sound
Our union lacked that feeling somehow

I cannot say that we were never happy
I will not say that neither of us cared
I never expected loneliness to overtake me
Yet there it was always whispering in my ear

My future happiness became so unsure
Deep seeded feelings often hard to bear
In our partnership I was lonelier than ever
Married to the one meant to be my forever

The flicker of love we'd once experienced
Fizzled as if not meant to last forever
I thought I would feel even more alone
At the end of the longest relationship I'd known

In different directions our lives carried on
I found new strength by discovering me
Though the loneliness was often present
It was no longer the only future I could see

Our separation proved to be my freedom
I was released from my lonely union
A new way of living and thinking about to start
Free in mind and soul to heal my aching heart

Heather Hazlett
April 3, 2005
Edited: May 21, 2010

(Written about my ex husband not about Lee in any way!
Revised & posted for Sunlight's BTM Loneliness Challenge)

By hhazlett26

© 2018 hhazlett26 (All rights reserved)


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