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Steady Eddie - Part 9
As days and weeks went past,
recruits, great progress made.
Some lads caught on quite fast,
whilst others tried and prayed.

Confidence increased,
for many day to day.
At weekends, now 'released',
to spend some well-earned pay.

When progress checks were done,
recruits put to the test.
All places were hard won,
each young man gave his best.

Attrition rates were high,
no place to be if weak.
Sometimes they'd 'break' or cry,
but push on week by week.

With weapons of all kinds,
the lads were all well-drilled.
Instructions to young minds,
passed on by trainers skilled.

Strong swimming was a must,
not easy for young Ed.
In God he placed his trust,
but by a mate was led.

John Brent had noticed Ed,
trying hard as hell.
'A hand you need,' he said,
'then you'll do it well.'

'Your strokes are much too fast,
your breathing's rapid too.
So energy will last,
here is what to do...'

John showed Ed his technique,
gliding through the water.
He then heard Eddie speak,
'I'll try that...I've just gotta...'

'I overslept today,
and just can't concentrate.
On top I have to stay,
this training just can't wait.'

'To wake too late my friend,
John took time explaining,
'doesn't mean the end,
for this type of training.'

'For me the early rising,
sometimes takes it's toll.
I still find it surprising,
each time I reach a goal.'

'Imagine if you will,
the rock 'n roll success,
who takes a secret pill...
his life ends in a mess.'

'But every day we train,
and work from morn' till night.
We practise...don't complain,
to try to get it right.'

Ed grinned and said to John,
'We're gonna make it through,
we'll help each other on,
it's what we have to do.'


Assault Course test was one,
where confidence they'd need.
A task not easy done,
but each man must succeed.

Ed and John both stood,
nearest to the front.
If not done as they should,
they would bear the brunt.

Ed breathed a heavy sigh,
'I've hardly witnessed strife,
no nasty scenes I
have seen in my life...'

'But this will be a race,
o'er obstacles...'gainst time.
We must maintain the pace,
as we run or climb.'

Whistle blew then all,
responded to the sound.
They'd climb or swim or crawl,
as the course unwound.

Instructors were impressed,
watching teamwork grow.
To fail this massive test,
meant more recruits would go...

* * *

to be continued...

Written for:

All Stars
Host: Cherryk
Phrase: to wake too late

Catch the Soaring Star
Host: Whispermoon
Phrase: rock 'n roll

Follow the Dream
Host: Alwaysmywords
Phrase: scenes I have seen

By Tomfoollery

© 2010 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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