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I wander through life's playing fields
I wander through the corn,
I often wonder about the blue sky
I think about the dawn.
I think about the precious things in life,
Other people tend to scorn.
I walk along life's nature trail
And often stop to survey,
The hue of the leaves on a rainy day,
Nature's tapestry revealed to me,
Things that other people just don't see,
Although I have seen plenty of the other side of life,
I prefer the butterfly and the bumble bee.
The flowing of the river, the ice capped mountain top,
The harvest in the summer, the harvest crop.
The wild flowers of the country,
To breath the fresh air free,
To watch a cricket match and have a pot of tea.
It wasn't always like this for me,
My life's been up and down,
My family are the most important thing,
They give me love all around.
So whilst walking in the country
Open your eyes wide,
Because the gift of imagination
Is a wonder to behold,
All of nature's tapestry to admire
Whether you are young or old.

By listener

© 2010 listener (All rights reserved)


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