Remarkable Things

I lift my gaze to follow the moon!
Streaking across the velvet meadow of the sea
Black horizons. Jutting upward where land takes shape
The sea leaves pools of dappled moonlight there.
Little villages dream.. . safe behind waltzing stars
Battered ships lay broken on the shoreline. Spiders
scuttle across the sand. All are captured memories,
Abstract visions from the past. Forever lost in time

A long way from home
Treasures…a study in blues
Bring dreams to life

Full moon on black leaves ripples on water
Drung of glitter…near the shoals. Mediterranean
colors kissed on rough stones. Shades of nature landwash
never knew. Clumps of waterlogged marsh, cliffs and bays
Wildflowers struggle to survive. Wrapped up in bundles
like small errant twinkling stars.

Intriguing concept
Haunting shadows from the mind
Etched from yesterday

Up high seabirds wheel and cry, Rotten fences
sag against wind. Northern lights play tag with
icebergs in distance. Dear familiar scenes of home
always recalled . Concepts caught by bold
brush strikes. Artist renderings on black velvet
Broken dreams, grouped together. Hung in cold parlors
Remarkable ... under dusty chandeliers. Trapped within
peeling gilt frames. On walls within the halls of silence,
alone... beside the stains of long dry tears

Form Haibun

By jollynoblefrog

© 2010 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)

Written for Pick Your Form week

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