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When the Rooster Crows

The following story was related to me by Grandpa
back when I was a young whippersnapper...

Sometimes when that old rooster crows

I cock one eye open and wiggle my toes

Hey look at me Lord; I guess I’m still here

Now grandma’s got that gleam in her eye

Lord have mercy, she’s rubbing my thigh

Looks like she wants me to put it in gear

That old red rooster just keeps on crowing

Under the blanket something just keeps growing

Shouldn’t I be out there on my old John Deere?

She wants to keep doing it, to get it just right

I thought we just did this last Saturday night

Sometimes I think there’s no way out of here

Sometimes grandpas’ just have to work more

Before grandmas’ let their feet hit the floor

Irrigation can wait for another hour or two

With those old bed springs squeaking out loud

Grandpa would have made Hugh Hefner proud

Sometimes, it seems like the right thing to do

Shut-up Rooster!!

Go mess with the hen house…

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Smiley Moon

Midi: Red Rooster

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in this production

Global warming was up 10 percent

and Grandpa had the best breakfast ever....

By Bubby

© 2010 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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