Standing Alone
Falling in love
Marriage came easily
Thinking peace accompanied the dove
Dreams were awakening quickly

Giving her all
Bowing to his every command
Tears held to no avail
His will he thought was grand

Years passed making her frail
Satisfaction not within sight
His hand full of ale
Her days becoming night

Gaining courage from friends around
Decisions made turning into strength
Pulling her life together firmly she stood her ground
Determination taken to great length

Walking away leaving pain behind
Head held high with so little in tow
Shutting out words meant to be unkind
No longer thoughts of feeling low

As she stood there not looking back
Memories of years together in vain
Tears of success she did not lack
She stood alone with pride shedding all her pain

By Viking Butterfly

© 2010 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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