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You Got To Stand

This video and Poem are respectfully dedicated to My Good Friend Bubby !

I firmly stand for soldiers
For sailors and the like
Support the wives and families
Of those men who risk their lives

I will also stand for justice
With liberty for all
For I support the stars and stripes
May they never ever fall

I firmly stand for the elders
Who dwell here in this land
Their right to food and shelter
Without abuse by man

I stand up for the babies
Those innocents have rights
Someone to feed and hold them
Then tuck them in at night

I stand up for the animals
Those who share their love
May they always have some shellter
From bad weather up above

I will stand up against pollution
And all that it entails
In the rivers , streams and deserts
City streets or desert trails

And I'm definitely for worship
At the altar of your choice
In the home, the church, the schools
May God always have a voice

Now I know I'm just one person
Still I'll do the best I can
As I shall firmly stand quite open
For the brotherhood of man

For The Dream Challenge
And the phrase
Firmly ___Stand!
Host: Tiny Teddy

By jollynoblefrog

© 2010 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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