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To All Fathers.
Today is Father’s Day and many will celebrate all day
As Father’s many will just sleep the day away
Some Father’s are great and show there love
As they know that there children are a blessing from the Lord above
Some leave there children all alone
Some don’t come home
Some Fathers will abuse there children and bad games they will play
Some Fathers hurt there children in many ways
Some become Fathers as they adopt as they want to share there love
A father will show his real love always to the Lord above
Happy Father’s day to all Fathers on earth and the ones in heaven to
To my Daddy whose grave we can’t even find no matter what we do
We all four miss you and through the years
Cry a million tears
Happy Fathers day
To all Fathers at the starlite cafe
Happy Fathers day to my new dad-George who we know is married to Aliceann
Happy Fathers day to all Fathers Some are bad some are good we just don’t understand.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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