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heavily heavily
balance the earth on my palms
and neck and shoulders--it's a basket--
a tisket, a tasket, a something like that;
nervous at the way it teeter totters,
I can only half smile, side smile.
I wrote you the world out, softly
in my sleep,
turned over tiredly
so I could tell you everything---

I never could manage it all,
my tongue just isn't as strong as my heart.
so I just mumble mumble,
eyes-closed sleep speak
count your rib bones,
listen to you smile at me,
the sounds your looks make.
somewhere inside of you
I must dissipate
because I feel everywhere
all at once.
I'm nowhere,
although I am, here,
there's not much to it
and not much to me.

spin wishes on my fingertips,
kisses on the edge of my lips--
let me cut the map in half,
closer closer
to where you're at.

By heyachristina

© 2010 heyachristina (All rights reserved)


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