Stardust Fantasy

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If good things stuck like glue to stardust
Yes, I'd blow it all over you
I'd become the best known fairy of them all
And just do what I gotta do

Spread good cheer, good wealth and health
That would be my primary aim
To make everyone's burdens light
Would be the name of my game

If sweet dreams came along with stardust
I'd sprinkle it over your eyes
Everyone has to have a dream
And yours soon would be realized

If true love came attached to stardust
I would dab some on your heart
In no time at all you'd find someone
From them you shall never be apart

If guidance was molded into stardust
Along with protection for all
I'd douse every child I could find
To help them if they should fall

If self-restraint was loaded into stardust
I'd pound it into your head
You gotta quit smokin', drinkin' and gamblin'
Before it's over, all done and said

If awareness floated along with stardust
Of the love God has for you
I'd pour a whole bunch right on your soul
Yep, that's what I'd really do

If blessings, heaven sent, were in stardust
I'd throw a bunch on our great earth
To mend the woes of wars and disasters
Restoring peace and joy for all it's worth

And if you see me fluttering around
With a bag of stardust in my hand
Just wave your hands high above your heads
Sprinkle! Sprinkle! Life will be grand!

Written for the 'Picture This - Your Choice' Challenge
Hostess: Kajuncutie (Myrna)

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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