sweet final rest...
Altar depicting Mary in various scenes (with choirs of saints and angels). Klosterneuburg

may the choir of angels
come to meet me
lead me to paradise
my sweet final rest...

dreaming of a sweet rest
just like when
i was a youngling
cradled on my mother's breast
slumbered with her lullabys
sweetly hummed soft and low

thus, as i reminisced
joyful emotion enfolded me
cleaving the air
as poetic verbs filled
my emptying cistern
wanting to overflow
to spill my love
my unconditional love
to prove, to show

at times, 'tho rare but true
i've felt relief from pain
my countenance implores
having calm enjoyment
of the wondrous gifts
the blessings bestowed

lying on petals of roses
not minding the passing of time
spring of rhymes flowing abundantly
so refreshing like milk and honey
i sip it slowly, leisurely

the song of el viento morning lark
the whis'pring of laguna bamboo leaves
the murmuring of pismo gentle waves
the ringing of St Paul's bells at angelus
blending of voices at sunday's choir
these pleasing sounds of music
meld into my flesh
into my soul and spirit
that i always long and die for

when the july moon
her pallid face discloses
thus give me comfort
for my sweet final rest...


Anything Goes Challenge
Free Verse


By XRifles

© 2010 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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