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Drifting on to Yesterday

Mind's like precious moments
How they always slip away
Like leaves upon the water
Drifting on to yesterday

These precious water lilies
In a misty coloured sky
That flower for an instant
But eventually die

Reclining staring upwards
As I floated in the lake
The flowers fade, then vanish
As the waves begin to break

Just a sad lonely reflection
Of a painting that I knew
Like a half forgotten daydream
Curl my memories of you

As we frollicked in the shoreline
By a bubbling summer stream
Mind's like precious moments
Preserved gently in my dream

And I try to grasp the image
But it softly steps away
Like the leaves upon the water
Drifting on to yesterday...

By brown_linda

© 2010 brown_linda (All rights reserved)


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