vermillion tapestry..
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vermillion tapestry woven with finest silk
contrasted with mahogany so delicately laid
upon the table of the solemn altar of love
in memory of the trees, their fibers they gave

the freshness of the hues of the heaven
bursting into my being, such pleasant scene
unsullied brightness lifts my spirit high
melancholily filling odd thoughts of desire

while contemplating nature... its mystery

the calm breeze pronounces the dawn
blooming roses fill the air with fragrance
'tho the lark's faint voice hardly heard
its breathe like music has my soul sated

pity is the ylang-ylang in the pouring rain
soon wilt, worthless like chaffs of grain
as if listening to the murmur of the sea
deep, it pierces my heart, its longing be

wish the memories of times awake the spirit
the embers of want smolder, never to quit
eloquent verses to scribble i always aspire
with teeming sweet words enkindled with fire

while contemplating nature... i gaze upon the stars

tracing paths of wondrous beauty, where i wander
in my joyful silence, liken to a deep river, meanders
and the valleys, the hills in my eyes soon appear
fill me with delight, vanish all, are my fears

remember the promise made, you and i
never to give up, no matter what, upon us lie
my prayers are always with you, mLady friend
we'll tread the tortuous path together, till the end

get well soonest mLady...


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By XRifles

© 2010 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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