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As we turn
turn every pages we read
And never looked back at
the memories of sharing
dreams we shared
Pages,every turn I read
A good poetry
which comes from the heart
and soul,
As the year go by,
It has been ages,
Been writing all the words
of each poem I read,
As I looked uopn them
on the each cloud of a
each word through mind and body
of a good poerty
As we looked at it
of every pages
we read and take it with pleasure
And the happiness
we get from the readers
that they read every word of the book
as they open the book
and don't evn look back
and say they want
to read more poetry
And I realise
to pleased what you written
In so many years
that have passed
you have read all
the words of each pages
as you turn them
and smile upo them
as you feel the happiness
that ever reader has given you
a light
to shine all your dreams away

By vandana

© 2010 vandana (All rights reserved)


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