Gifted Sights
Gifted Sights

(Photo taken by hhazlett26 July2010)

When contemplating nature world stands still
Daring not a breath for fear I might miss
Dance of the butterfly seeking its fill
Upon purple flowers nectar filled bliss
Never having witnessed beauty quite like this
Often I wonder how some just pass on by
Whilst I watch the beauty with tear filled eyes

When contemplating nature moment's true
Watching miracles suspended in light
Clearing seeing it all because of you
I look to the sky and think of your flight
Wondering if you see these gifted sights
Without you there's so much I would not see
Nature's beauty a blurry mystery

When contemplating nature I thank you
Grateful to glance at the butterfly's dance
Whispering gratitude to skies of blue
Capturing moments in photos perchance
Our shared journey might give the world a glance
Of nature's beauty through donated sight
Illuminating the world with gratitude's light

Heather Hazlett
July 26, 2010

(Rime Royale
(w/poetic license)

Dedicated with loving gratitude to my Cornea Transplant Donor who gave me the gift of sight 5 years ago on July 27,2005. Because of you I see and I thank you beyond what words could possibly say. I will always celebrate your gift in pictures and in poetry thank you for the gift of sight!

By hhazlett26

© 2015 hhazlett26 (All rights reserved)


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