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You And I

How sweet is the breathe of a new day,
when you meet your love,
in the warmth of the sun.

After soft showers have fell,
the sun feels good on
our skin.
The morning birds, fly above us,
as the new day begins...

I pray each season will be as delightful,
as fresh fruit and wine on our table.

You are all I need, warming my heart
my dearest love, no need for anything,
but you by my side, each new day.
colors of the rainbow, dance in parade.

Your laughter cheers me when I'm sad
Your touch tingles my inter being...
Together you and I
each and every new season...

We will walk forever by the ocean,
in the cool evening, in the mist,
of the rain...
we will embrace the night.
everything will be just right...

You and I
My lover and my guide,
never to be lonely,
writing our names in the sky...

Forever mine

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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