The Saga of Josie and Dink

When speaking of Josie Lee's suitors
Those who came knocking at her door
Seems it was said that there was one
She had begun to like a tad bit more

It was known she was a tomboy
No one around could rope a calf
Any quicker than little Josie could
Unless they cut their time in half

A whipper snapper from the start
Her mama and daddy knew she was
Finding nothing they did could slow her
Thrive she did on a crowd's applause

The rodeo was their way of life
It was how they made their living
Being born into it, she was a natural
Yet there was still something missing

She'd been practicing for over a year
Today would be her bull riding debut
Lowered into the chute, nerves of steel
Something the average bear wouldn't do

She rode him hard and strong for a few
Then he began to buck and spin around
He threw her in the air, she lost her grip
In came the clowns as she hit the ground

One clown in particular had caught her eye
He held out his hand to help her back up
She saw her reflection in his big blue eyes
Her thoughts no longer on the trophy cup

From that day on he was on her mind
He was Dink Mack, a good lookin' guy
And sure he was smitten with Josie too
Finding her pretty and funny, that's why

It was true love in bloom at the rodeo
They soon became a famous roping team
The bigger the steer was, they loved it
They were living out their fantasy dreams

One night out in the middle of the arena
With their adoring crowd as his witness
Dink got off his horse and onto one knee
Of his wish to marry Josie he professed

Wouldn't you know they did get married
Right there in the middle of the arena too
And after they exchanged their wedding vows
Their fans began singing 'Happy Trails to You!'

~ Narrative Poetry ~

Written for the AnyForm Goes Challenge
Using the phrase .....
'it was said that there was one'
Hostess: Jean_e_ward (Jean)

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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