Deja Vu


I sit back and look at the unhappiness
Many faces so sad, so lost, so alone
Minute by minute another grows weary
Time acknowledges this pain...eyes fill
Fill with tears of heartache, of confusion

And I, I can understand for I feel it all too
There was a time when I could capture
The moments of fun, of a loving home
Securely wrapped around an aching heart
Now I'm circling around lost once again

Not a care at all walking this path dazed
Numbness captures this soft outer shell
Smile, I say, perhaps soon it will all cease
And I will stumble upon the right path again

These paws are worn, eyes stay blurred
A heart just breaking, searching endlessly
Deja Vu all over again scared, voice is mute
Replaying a path that I wish never existed

The outsider looking in for the light again
Looking to capture the moments of fun
Those I know that exist that are silent
Silently waiting to welcome me back home

Phrase: capture the moments of fun
Hostess: Doc (Doreen)

By TinyTeddy

© 2010 TinyTeddy (All rights reserved)


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