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The Lucid Dreamer
Here you are walking into the dreamer's land of the lucid dream inside each of our hearts.

I want to dedicate my love to the one man truly loving me in the Spirit of God's Truth and by the Holy Spirit of God's active force Let God choose for me my everlasting Husband.

To my forever Soul Mate: I await your return Yohnah.

I am a dreamer, the dreamer who should not awaken without the kiss of Poetic love, life and courage.

I am the dreamer …The dreamer of lucid dreams and yet some say out loud that I am only realistic, finely tuned as a musical instrument, something like a golden harp.

I am a dreamer, lucid in tranquility, found in hope; light and rescued by 'Love' above all just as the lucid dreamer dreams in the awakening subconscious of one's sleep-- I am awake.

I am earthy with two feet walking on the ground yet I love to stare at the moon.

Its white pure light of fusion awakening Me, remembering me the dreamer, the lucid dreamer who cannot awaken without the sun vividly alive upon pink-rose silken skin.

The red, orange coals of its sun peeled kissed rays, sunshine playing upon closed eyes for my eyes are the reveler of the dreamer's identity.

Look into the windows of an untouched soul.

Simply dive into me as I am the heart of a dreamer by the windows of the soul voyaging deep into me, swimming into me by the Coral Sea.

Listen as you would tentatively recall me by my eyes you have recognized me; the ‘Calling of Our God Jehovah’ by the Oceans sweeping, caressing sounds of the evening tides seeking, searching, longing for safety and refuge has been calling out to you, to us.

Take refuge in the name of Jehovah, His name being a 'Strong Tower' for the righteous to run into until the 'Storm' has passed.

It is you the heartbeat of me, the lucid dreamer awakening you.

The awakening is just as the 'Remembrance'; a tender love song something of a lullaby sung through lips of one in fortified love, through lips sung by the one you may be in search of.

Could it be I you have searched a lifetime for?

I am the dreamer, the one hearing your heart's reply.

Have you seen the sweet-sweet heart of the lucid dreamer, sustained by the soul?

I am still to be touched, still untouched by you.

The lucid dreamer is as a fresh daisy blooming, its beauty perfect, covering fields into oceans of color grassy.

Like the red, red poppies growing tall-come taste the kiss of the perfect mouth by the one you will call forever.

Come taste Love's lavishing call by the one you will dive into through a ‘King’ appointed by his Father the ‘Eternal King’ you must search for your ‘True Love’.

Search for me One-Heart by the windows of the soul untouched still by you is where your heartbeat will beat divinely to the rhyming of the ocean's poetic tides.

Into you I will swim; swimming into you from the Coral Sea come dive into me.

Would you cross the seas and would you walk the earth to find our 'One-Heart'?

A matching-blue -print of your inner essence, the other part of you that would and only could complete you, complete me.

For I am yet untouched, untouched by you.

Yes, I am yet untouched by true love's promise.

Are you as I, the dreamer of lucid dreams, the diver who shall dive into me?

Dive into me; explore the one that has been chosen for you, for me by Heaven Himself to complete you, completing me.

I am the water of the coral blue sea; I am the window of your soul, my soul a reflection when you look deep into me.

Here I am 'One-Heart' look into me; I am like the coral sea of ever changing colors of aqua blue waters.

Like the blackened shy-sky who is bold yet mild in temper awaiting its companion of a moon struck night; crafted by the hand of God's own articulate palm.

It is light, a light so real, the night made bright for the one in search of the ‘Lucid Dreamer’.

The One that has created them has named all the stars not one is unknown to Him our God.

Become like a flowing river cleansed without ridicule.

Become like the most beautiful gems which mankind's hand can never touch by reaching out.

Reach out' One-Heart' into this particular night or any other night at that-- even the day star could not be reached by outspoken finger tips with exception of God's finger, the active force being God's holy spirit.

Are you like I, struck by their awesome sparkling beauty, Stars within the blackened night?

Velvety skies awakening by the moonlight, a silent witness to such daring beauty strikes me divine.

Are you as I am struck by the awe of filtering moon fusion?

Fusion beaming forth directly pumping life into your sleeping heart by the depth of the moon struck fusion.

Here you are walking into the dreamer's land of the lucid dream inside each of our hearts.

Yes, each of our hearts untouched; still I am untouched by true love's promise awaiting his return by a ‘Patient Wisdom’.

By Snowprincess

© 2010 Snowprincess (All rights reserved)


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