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Sage and Faith
Sometimes God has to put us flat on our backs
before we are looking up at Him
...Jack Graham

Such stubborn creatures, humans,
we push on, needlessly,
ignoring helping hands we're offered,
march forth, heedlessly.

When failure overcomes us
as failure's wont to do,
it's only then, in desperation
we cry aloud to You.

Amazingly, You hear us,
lift us gently from the mire,
fill our feeble hearts with gladness,
heal us, strengthen and inspire.

Then we carry on, regardless,
think we can make it on our own,
'til we fall again , like ninepins,
harvesting bad seed we've sown.

Do we ever learn, dear Father?
Is it ever to be so?
Will we ever learn to walk beside You,
no matter where the wind doth blow?

Having reached a point of knowing
I want You ever at my side,
please can we work a little now
upon my independent pride?

Continuing Theme: Sprinkle of Sage.

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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