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My Starlite Family Is A bLessing To Me.
I am blessed with my starlite family
And Dorothy my blood sister to me
Dorothy (libra) and I was close as kids
Secrets we hid
We was called the Sunshine twins we are sisters and friends
We looked alike more back then.

She writes beautiful poetry at the starlite cafe
She talked me into posting there one day.
And I now have a big adopted family
Very special to me
My moms at starlite
Makes each day so bright.

My starlite children are a blessing to
As I they share wonderful poetry with you.

My grandchildren at the starlite cafe
Are more blessings the Lord sent my way.

My starlite sisters and brothers
They are like no others.

My aunts far and near
To me are both very dear.

Many friends I am blessed with at the starlite cafe
As many more comes my way.

A big adopted family so I am sharing there picture and there names
As we write our poetry of love, friends, joy and pain
We are there for each other all the time
Help each other when we read between the thin lines.

Our starlite baby we all love
She is a blessing from the Lord above.

The starlite cafe is our home away from home
At starlite you are never alone.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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