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Alma Mater
Two vehicles met headlong on a lonely country road.
He who caused the accident suffered only a broken arm.
Aged just thirty five, the prognosis for me was grim.

Damaged and broken,
my body good-for-nothing,
depression's dark nights.

Never having been a quitter, the years predicted by experts,
to be hospitalized whittled down to months. The promised
wheelchair became, in the same manner, reduced to two canes.
A loving family urged me on to the most exciting time in my life.
Was there a challenge I did not meet? I think not. Not one.

Thus was my journey
to rehabilitation,
through education.

Distance education...communicating with academia via written
words, creating reams of papers pandering to idiosyncratic
preferences, travelling to meet residential block requirements
once each semester, hauling this damaged frame up flights of
interminable stairs at railway stations and soaking up a
passion for children with disabilities.

Even retirement,
teaching literacy still,
journey incomplete.

Form: Haibun with Senryu

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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