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I saw you in my dreams, held you in my heart and heard your soul whisper to me…
Without even trying there was a reply,
Calling out to you, pulling you into me, pouring every ounce of my being into the love that engulfed me.
The sound of your voice,
The warmth of your chest,
The understanding that only you possess…
Seeing your soul loving me through your eyes.
Spans of time that feel like an eternity pass and yet when I do get to look in your eyes I feel like I never
stopped seeing them, feel like time stopped during that eternity…
Instantly the lonely nights are gone and the pain is replaced by an overwhelming sense of serenity,
Like the world was waiting for us to be united.
But I can’t help but wonder how many more eternities there will be,
And if one them will end with you eternally in my arms

By Tatyana800

© 2010 Tatyana800 (All rights reserved)


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