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I can see that you're hurting deep inside,
Sorrow grips you, darkens your eyes.
You try to hide behind your fortress of safety,
I can see the truth underneath your smiles.
Why have you stopped shining with hope?
Despair has come, carving its name into your heart.
I want you to live.
But I know my love is not enough,
To stop you from committing suicide.
If I could take away all of the bad things that haunt you,
I would.
I will say a hundred prayers if that will keep you here.
You could sail across the sea or fill your space with blossom,
If this would make you happy again.
I can't go back and change your past,
Or erase the painful memories.
I wish I could make you see,
How very brave you are.
To have survived those dark years.
When fear walked beside you,
Violence shattered your body,
Those you loved betrayed you.
You're not to blame.
Please don't throw away your life.
I have faith in your spirit.
You can get through this.
You can face another day.
Stand up like the warrior you are.
Confront the dark side of suffering.
Banish it into the light.
I send out my love to greet you.
I know you can survive.

By Soulvibrations

© 2010 Soulvibrations (All rights reserved)


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