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I hate to have a panic attack
Times my mind runs off track
Some last a few minutes or an hour or so
Like your mind won't let go
Sometimes you start to hyperventilate
Going through painc attacks I just hate
Depression comes and I feel down
Times like my mind can't be found
Pop up pictures of the past nightmares to
I know God is there to help me through
Alone I want to be
Then scared and fight I feel inside of me
Can't eat right times I want to sleep
But then nightmares creep
I know as each day
To God I pray
Even going through the panic attacks
I know God will help me get my mind back on track
Times I think I can't fight this but I have hope
Cause with God by my side I know I can cope
If you never had a bad panic attack or depression you won't understand
As I know God will send a helping hand
God will help me up times I get down
Soom my mind again will be found.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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