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My World in Colours
My world has always been silent
From the moment I opened my blue eyes
For the very first time
The colours were the first things I saw
Even though they were probably blurry
During the beginning of my life

As my world came in focus
The colours became brighter
As I was growing older by each year
My choice in colours changed constantly
One year I preferred yellow like the sun
Then the following year I liked red

Then gradually colours became dull and dark
Even with a pair of new glasses
I did not realize the colours I was seeing
Weren't the colours I thought they were
Although they spoke the language
I could clearly understand

Whilst I was on my journey through life
Silence followed me trying to bring me down
I would not live in the black void
As the colours became out of focus
I could not tell the difference between
Orange, red and brown

The doctor did a magic touch on my eye
I could see again
The colours weren't what I thought
They would be
I thought what was blue was actually purple
And red was never really brown

I can see better
Colours are still vivid today
I am no longer confused
About the differences of the colours
But I would be rather blind to the world
If I could see your love more clearly

August 20, 2010

By Tamisa

© 2010 Tamisa (All rights reserved)


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