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Heavens Gift
Some say that children are heavens gift
yes that is true but one thing I see
that has much value to man is true
friendship for no matter how
hard of a time you maybe going through
a true friend will remain by your side
not just when things are easy
heavens gift is that of true friendship
for until you have a very hard time
come upon you in life you many not
know who your true friends are
for many could claim to be your friends
then when you need to turn to them for help
and support they run instead
heavens gift is that of true friendship
for we are born in to life to the clan
we have by blood and we can never change
that one fact no matter how we try
but our true friends whom remain
by our side through it all become
our family so wether our family
is blood or made of our true friends
it is heavens gift to have people that
love us and care about us that will
never leave us standing all alone
when we need someone to cry to
when things are not going right
someone to laugh with when
all is right for
true friendship knows no end
that is why it is
one of heavens greatest gifts of all

By RJ Perry

© 2010 RJ Perry (All rights reserved)


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