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From Keshaun
Dear Daddy,
Please don't cry.
I'm resting in God's arms now,
Watching you from way up in the sky.

At first it was a little scary,
When I opened my eyes and you weren't there,
But then I looked around and all
I could do was stare.

There are other little boys and girls here,
I can hear them playing and laughing...
Sounds like they're having a grand ole' time.
The grass is green, dogs are barking and I even touched one of those things, what is it called again...
Oh yea, a butterfly.

And best of all,
When I looked down I saw you.
You were talking to me and laughing.
I tried to say hi but you couldn't hear me
and instead you started to cry.

Please don't cry Daddy,
I'm resting in God's arms now,
Watching you from way up in the sky.

I grabbed your fingers while I was there,
Just to let you know even my tiny heart felt how much you cared.

It's not your fault Daddy,
I just really needed a rest.
I didn't like that place I was in...
It was really hard from me to catch a breath.
But now there are no nurses and scary machines,
No tubes and medicines that made it hard for me to see.

And God told me that I'm special,
He said He needed me here to help with the other little boys and girls.
He promised me that he would keep me safe in his arms,
without the nurses and the IV's.

I'll miss you too Daddy,
But I'm not very far.
God is everywhere,
Everywhere you are.

By Tatyana800

© 2010 Tatyana800 (All rights reserved)


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