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White Fluffy Cloud
I sit by my window, as though in a trance
Dreaming of you and sweet moments from the past
Fluffy white clouds drifts slowly by, as the light summer
Breeze brings the sweet fragrance of the roses near by

I picture myself upon the white fluffy cloud, drifting
Endlessly as though in a dream, a bed of rose petals
To lay down my head, to dream of you sharing my
Rose petal bed
We drift so slowly in peace and content, and the
Beautiful blue sky just out of our reach

And there I could stay forever my love, as long
As your with me to share this beautiful dream
We'll dance among the moonbeams and catch
A shooting star,

we'll streak across the sky at night
Like a ball of flaming light
We'll drift on forever and our love will always be
We'll touch the sky above us and drift across the seas
We will always be together for all eternity

By buks

© 2010 buks (All rights reserved)


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