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Errol echidna endeavoured to find
the best information he could,
on surfing the beaches, two popular ways,
or so Errol vaguely understood.

Surfboard or bodyboard?
That was the question.
Errol was open to any suggestion.

Errol copped an earbashing
from experts at the Ekka,
found the longboard was too exy,
he'd no connections with the exchequer.

For his expedition to the beach
he purchased a foam Esky.
'Twas the middle of a heatwave
and the flies were thick and pesky.

He hadn't bought a board just yet
so he grabbed the Esky lid.
Tried to stand, the lid was too short;
on the beach he took a skid.

He used it like a kickboard,
on his belly, wearing flippers
and just around the headland
scared two brazen skinny dippers.

He was having a great splash around
when he heard the dreaded 'Shark!'
He swam for the beach and lay there gasping,
'Wow, that was a flamin' lark!'


Earbashing : nagging, non-stop chatter
Ekka : the Brisbane Exhibition,
an annual show
Esky : large insulated food/drink
container for picnics, etc.
esky lid: boogie board
Exy : expensive

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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