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No More
I do not understand you.
A stranger living next door
Filling the hearts
Of so many.
Pushing those who seem weak.
They leap from a ledge
To their grave
Dug deep with despair.
We cry silently.

Crosses the street
With a smile
Sinister to the core
We move aside
In silence
Giving to you the power
You crave.

In our thoughts
We tell you no more
But the words
Never make it to our lips,
So now we cry
For them
As moms and dads beg
For one more day.
Punished for nothing
Just because………

As I sit
My hands beneath me
I see clearly
It starts with my silence.
Ends in heartbreak.
And begins again.
So now I speak.
The next victim could be your child.
It could be mine!

By Steven Howard

© 2010 Steven Howard (All rights reserved)


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