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It’s Amazing What Prayer Can Do.
Its amazing what prayer can do
As someone is praying for you
I know someone prayed for me
For years of abuse now I'm free
When my first baby was born 3 months to early
Very beautiful even had dark hair a little curly
She weighted 2 and a half pounds the Dr. said she wouldn't make it through
I prayed extra prayers for her as others did to
I know when I was shot that New yeas eve
My last rights they gave to me
When I hid and hid my children to
Someone prayed for us with a prayer so true.

Its amazing what prayer can do
As someone is praying for you
When I had a knife to my chest a fist to my head
Times I was raped thrown on the bed
I was knocked to the floor
Hit my head on the door
Had my shoulder knocked out of place
Slapped in my face
Bones broken and had hidden tears hidden pain
Been called bad names
I pray for others and know God will help them in his way his time
As I pray and ask others to add prayers with mine.

(Please clik on the video for the music,thanks.)

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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