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The Cove
I saw a movie called The Cove in Taiji, Japan
where the most horrific things happen
I don't know where to start
this situation breaks my heart
Dolphins are such docile creatures
you shouldn't see what this movie features
it really disturbs me
they're brutally killed
afterwards the sea
is red and blood filled
all the monster fishermen have to say
is that they are pests and to go away
they have no conscience at all
another death camp installed
The movie raised awareness
but in all fairness
What is being done
this battle's far from won
We need to do something fast
This brutal killing can not last
Man's best friend in the sea
needs some help from you and me
We need to figure out how
to stop them now
Those that live in captivity
putting on shows for you and me
all need to be set free
Leave them alone just leave them be

By pamschwetz

© 2010 pamschwetz (All rights reserved)


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