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Come, Play!

'Come, won't you play?' said the autumn wind
to the lizard, layed flat on a rock.
'No!' snapped the lizard, turning his head,
'Begone now, I'm watching the clock.'

'A clock-watching lizard!' the autumn wind gasped,
'I don't understand this at all.'
'You would were you me and you had to be snoozing
before the last oak leaves tumble and fall.'

'Come, won't you play?' asked the autumn breeze
of the squirrels so busy and bright.
'No, no!' growled the squirrels, 'We must gather food
before winter denies us the right.'

'Come, won't you play?' begged the autumn breeze
to the pretty gold leaves on the grass.
'Oh yes, and with pleasure,'the leaves all replied,
'We must play...soon our chances will pass!'

So they danced and they played 'til the lizard left town,
'til the squirrels could gather no more,
'til the gay autumn breeze blew away in the cold
because that is what autumn is for.

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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