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Still I Need You Like Flowers Need Rain
I lay awake at night, wondering if you are ok,

my heart is so broken for now I don't have you.

Our Lord took you to be with Him in the heavens;

still I need you like flowers need rain.

You were my world and now you are gone;

I don't know what to do with myself, this is so hard.

You were a great mother and a wonderful wife.

Dad misses you and so do I.

It seems like yesterday you were getting me ready

for my first day of school,

telling me everything will be ok

and that you would see me when I got home.

You would always have banana bread

and orange juice on the kitchen table

when I came home from school.

Mom why did you have to go so soon?

Still I need you like flowers need rain.

You were and always will be my hero,

you went through so much

that you should have never gone through;

but still you kept on treading along,

like nothing was wrong.

How did you do it?

From taking beatings from our dad

to doing what ever it took

to take care of us girls.

Never once did you complain.

You were my everything

and still I need you like flowers need rain.

I know that you are no longer suffering in pain,

nor going insane

from all the bad memories of your life.

I just wish I could have

had you here with me a little while longer

I miss you so very much.

I bet you are sitting up there right now

with your daddy who you loved so;

and if I know you,

You are probably pinching Tonto's little feet

to make him cry

LOL now Mom, you know that ain't right

and your daddy will get you for that.

as I close this poem, I want you to know

that you were my hero,

my world, my rock many times,

and more or less my everything.

Mom, I love you more than you will ever know

and I am so sorry that I couldn't help you.

When you were lying in that hospital bed dying,

I felt so helpless

because I had always tried

to do whatever you needed me to do

and still I couldn't help you.

I am truly sorry.

R.I.P. my dear Mother,

for I will and still do need you like flowers need rain.

Love, Melissia Ann

This was written for my beautiful mother and friend

because she was my best friend,

Margaret L. Schoolcraft Gray

June 29, 1950

to September 24, 2010


© 2017 MELISSIA ANN SENTER (All rights reserved)


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