At One With The Spirit of The Rain

Starlite has lost another angel
Nothing will ever be the same
At one with the spirit of the rain
Thus Rainspirit was her name

Longfellow had once penned
Into each life some rain must fall
How lucky she'd fallen into our lives
She was so good to us all

When it rains we shall think of her
Right now each drop will hurt the worst
And though it will get better with time
For a downpour we shall thirst

She would want us to play in the rain
Never would she wish for us to be sad
To know she first passed in her sleep
What a true blessing to be had

Keep writing like nothing happened
Is something she would surely say
But that's easier said than done
Now that we've lost our sweet Renee

In her honor, we really need to step up
It's hard to do when we're all feeling down
But if we'd truly, honestly think about it
She can't be up there in heaven with a frown

One of her joys was the Starlite Cafe
Though some days we filled her with strife
She would still say if someone should ask
That our poetry was a big thrill in her life

So pick up your pens and write, write, write
Make her proud of what she worked for
She believed in us with all of her heart
Hats off to you, dear Renee .... forevermore!

Written in remembrance of our Rainspirit
Her spirit shall reign in our hearts for always

Song ~ Missing You by Ernesto Cortazar

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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