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Living Breath

The sacred winds of destiny
flow deep in the lush and green of the ancient forest,
and we listen and solemnly believe
in their ageless and wondrous words;
they caress and blow in our hair and face,
and the majestic tall trees sway
and breathe in the power of the unseen.

The winds flow from the heart of the divine,
and are the sacred and precious breath
of the ancient ones in the sky;
the lively spirits that spin and dance
in the depths of the caves,
and in the heights of the trees,
and flow and swirl in the rivers and streams.

The wondrous winds of destiny
sing the power of the here and now;
of what is here for the soul and eyes
in the realms of the seen and unseen;
of the flesh and blood, and spirit and dream,
and what revolves in circles of belief.

They sing the ageless song loud and proud
and it slowly melts in the depths
of our blood and dream,
and we feel the profound wonder in our hearts,
as we hold each other warm in our arms.

Deep in your eyes I find my sacred heart
and in your arms I feel our hearts as one;
in the lush and green of the ancient forest
we listen to the living breath of the winds,
as they dance with the trees
and flow in our breath and soul,
and bless us in the here and now.

By dissolvedlines

© 2010 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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