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The Quest...

Peering thru window pane
Stained with weathered marks
A treetop wavers in the wind
Atop, are yellowed leaves

Holding tightly in the wind
Clinging to dear life
Battered branches, bend and sway
Dancing in the light of day

Nature changed in the night
Releasing October's claws
To ravish with raw cold air
As frosty breath harkened fear

Shaking leaves from their perch
Upon weathered branches seized
Held captive now to nights conquest
To plunder it's bounty of color

That still adorns upon treetops
Remaining firm in self defiance
Against the seasons freeze
Failing to give in

To the quest
Of fall's domain
That frosty breath
Of a leaf's death..

By Soft Walker

© 2017 Soft Walker (All rights reserved)


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