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When I was just a little kid
there was a tiny house out back
twas important to our family
tho it was just a shack
It was made of old grey boards and such
with a half moon in the door
with two holes in the wooden seat
and sand upon the floor
It sat out back behind the barn
in it's own important spot
There was a shelf with lot's of Daddy's books
cause he read out there a lot
There was a basket by the old wood door
with a catalog or two
for rolls of paper way back then
were always much too few
and along the wall and just inside
was a big old sack of lime
Dad used it once a week back then
to keep things going fine
And on those frosty winter evenings
how I hated it out these
as you sat hunkered in a knot
with your hiney cold and bare
Then way down in the summer time
when the days were long and hot
you'd sit and sweat upon the seat
for there was not a window or a slot
I don't know who built that little house
but the cracks in the walls were wide
Daddy said he could spit through them
and it would land outside
When my aunt and uncle came each year
always in the spring
when either went to use it
we kids would run behind it
and shake the dad burned thing
Now tell me folks, do you remember
when you was just a kid
and you had to use the house out back
with two holes and no lid
Oh I remember very well
those days of long ago
when we'd play tag round that old out house
as a summer breeze did blow

By sweetater

© 2010 sweetater (All rights reserved)


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