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'A Prayer For Everyday'
'A Prayer For Everyday' Everyday I accept myself for who I am.I will be who I am and that is good to be.Everyday, I look on yesterday only with gratitude.For all the lessons I will learn.I will absorb all the lessons God gives me into my life and my daily walk with Him each day.I am thankful for all I have been taught thus far by God. My life is dynamic and forever changing as God makes me the way He wants me to be.As my life moves on forward,I will follow Jesus example.Jesus Holy spirit moves like a rushing wind inside of me,wow what a motivation that only He can give me.I pray to God for strength each and everyday,with lots of encouragement, I can do anything and everything.I will do what God leads me to do.I will go Lord Jesus where ever you want me to go.Lord Jesus I want to be just like you,take me by the hand and make me all you want me to be.Oh my God let your light shine brightly,so when someone is searching to find you Lord Jesus let them know the reason for the sparkle in my eyes is because it is YOU who lives deep inside of me.I will become a new person,born today with a clean heart,soul and mind..Free from all sin,giving you my Lord God all the praise,honor and glory for you are so very worthy.I go on learning from lessons of yesterday,knowing You Lord are in my heart to stay,and there is No one who can ever take that away.At this point in my life I am refreshed and clean,I lean on the rock of my salvation,You Jesus.Everyday I want to gain wisdom of all that has been concealed from me in your word Lord Jesus,I want you to reveal all of your Holy Bible giving me all the spiritual food that I do hunger for.I look to you for all understanding of your word so that I will apply all by faith in my daily walk with you my Lord.In order that these words inform me in my actions of today,and everyday.By faith I step out in belief that your will be done as I live to glorify your Holy name Jesus.It is because all I have become,and who I will be,for it is You God who abides in me,the only one I need.Jesus you gave me today,Jesus you gave me all my yesterdays.Jesus you know where I have been,and Jesus you will lead me where I will go tomorrow.Your the only one I need acceptance from for who I am.For God it is your love that flows deep within my soul,giving me such a deep peace within the depths of my heart and soul.If I could bring sunshine into the lives of others,it would only mean that Jesus who lives within me letting His bright light shine,and His love can shine through for all others to see.Knowing it is not me I want them to see,I want them to come to know Jesus in me.Jesus love goes on today,the same love of yesterday,and He will have the same love tomorrow.Jesus loves us all.By:Donna Dusenberry:10-28-10

By A child of God

© 2010 A child of God (All rights reserved)


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