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Summer is past and autumn is fading,
trees bare, the leaves are gone
and Mother Nature has spread her quilt
of red, brown, gold across the lawn
tucking in her babies
now the nights grow cold,
and days are gray and rainy,
mixed in with sleet and snow.
It’s the days of sticks, trees shiver
as the north wind blows bold.
North Wind’s voice is bitter
and it’s breath is cold.

I can hear trees chattering
in their common tongue;
“Winter is coming very soon.
Soon ice and snow will come
and wrap our limbs in soft white wool
and give us crystal crowns.
Jack Frost has come down from the North
and at night prowls ‘round
etching on village windows,
glazing the village streets.
The woodland creatures are scurrying
to gather the last nuts and seeds
and nestle in beneath the quilt
before the snow piles deep.
Winter soon will be here
and it’s time for earth to sleep…”

And the evergreens are all spruced up,
prepared, the winter watch to keep.
Spruce, balsam, hemlock and the pine,
those trees forever green;
The guardians of hill and vale
keep watch o’er the winter scene,
the winter watch, a harsh duty
even for those brave fir trees.

By Annie

© 2010 Annie (All rights reserved)


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