auli'i ~ as you are...

auli'i ~ as you are...

your smile in naked comeliness, unshaded
face adorned with natural mystic
around your neck of flowing laces
blush tinted cheeks my soul meld thereon

with such paradise of lips and eyes
wrap around silky multicolored scarves
into favolous fluttering pavilion
an envy of the fair fairest maidens
you indeed is one in a million

you sparkle with the stars in splendour
made my desire dances with hovering feet
am not dreaming, and if i am let it be
with your charm dear friend, touches me gently

canopies of greens by the mountain's side
sight so refreshing, arousing deep sighs
your charming eyes, your scent so sweet
intoxicated my soul, uplifted my spirit

the crystal heaven reflects upon silver lake
brushed in canvas of sparing cloudiness
the brilliance of gold dust amidst sea of sand
there you lay, skin glistens with the hues
of the envious setting sun

ahhhhh my visions, only but empty dream
a shallow still water of a quiet stream
with wayward melancholy, paralleled life so sad
breeze leaden look ends my journey's ballad...


By XRifles

© 2010 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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