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Each Christmas I think about my grandma each year
How her memories to us all are so beautifully dear

We always helped her decorate the Christmas tree
Putting the top star on it she always helped me

She made it with her loving hands of love
To put on our Christmas tree high above

Each year I smile and I still feel my grandma everywhere
My grandma and me were close and so much love we did share

Each Christmas our children put the star on the tree above
The same decoration that my grandma made with so much love

We celebrate with so many blessings we count each day
Decorating our Christmas tree with so much joy today

Our children just love Christmas eve stories also to
Singing Christmas songs of praise out of the blue

Sometimes at church our children are in the church play
My it is such a blessing to watch them on Christmas day

Opening their gifts that are beautifully tied in a bow
Oh how I love Christmas time and I cannot wait for snow

We celebrate Christmas with so much love and joy also to
Our children find so many fun things always that day to do

I smile each year when I think of my Grandma always that day
Making that beautiful thing my grandma and me made along the way

It is still handmade thing my gran and I made so many years ago
How we still put it on our Christmas tree each year. I miss her so

We celebrate Christmas and give thanks to the Lord above that day
With friends and family all together this is how we celebrate Christmas today

At dinner on Christmas day we all join hands in prayer
Thanking the Lord for the beautiful times together we share

I smile when our children help decorate our Christmas tree
How over the years we still put the angel on made by me grandma and me

We light a candle for Christmas thanking the Lord for many things to
Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and I love all you my dear friends and I wish happiness and love to all of you

Family times
Hostess- Deeny

By Starlight1

© 2010 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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