auli'i ~ reasons...
Angel playing harp

auli'i ~ reasons...

when your words surround me
i am filled with jubilation
tried to show gratitude
for the special moment
let you feel
you are dear to me
that i am thankful
for your caring ways

you always read
commented on all
of my scribbles
a word or two
they meant a lot
shows true friendship
although scribbles
are but scribbles
humble and lowly

you share your heart
to show you care
if you didn't care
what's the reason then
your loving heart
is there to share

blessed is me
the friendship we make
the happiness you give
is heaven's gift
if there is no joy
what's the reason then
why friendship is
deemed priceless...

thank you auli'i
always remember me
when i am gone

can you create a garden
here at the cafe
where you can plant
these scribbles

of course with the
permission of our
kindhearted owner
Mr. Devin Jeanel...


By XRifles

© 2010 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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